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The new cyber threat

A new global cyber-attack has hit with a similar reach to the previous WannaCry ransomware attack that infected more than 300,000 computers around the world last month.


In the first hours of the attack, researchers believed that this new ransomware was a new version of an older threat called Petya, but they later discovered that this was a new strain altogether, which borrowed some code from Petya, hence the reason why they recently started it calling it NotPetya, Petna, or as we like to call it SortaPetya.


Why this Ransomware is difficult to stop

When a computer is infected, the ransomware encrypts important documents and files and then demands a ransom, typically in Bitcoin, for a digital key needed to unlock the files. If victims don’t have a recent back-up of the files they must either pay the ransom or face losing all their files. We would advise never to pay the ransom.


Unfortunately, unlike WannaCry, there is no kill switch. However, researchers have found a vaccine which prevents the ransomware virus from running. SortaPetya searches for a local file and exits its encryption routine if that file already exists on the disk, so users can create a file on their computers, set it as read only which blocks the NotPetya ransomware from executing. For a step by step guide in doing this please see here.


How to protect your organisation

For extra security, Radius Technologies would advise the following:

  1. Vaccinate your Windows device NOW – see instructions at the link below
  2. Bring all Microsoft vunerability patches fully up to date on your machines
  3. Send an email (or forward this email) to every user in your organisation to let them know NOT to click ANY links within an email or open an email with encrypted content until first cleared by yourselves. For information on services such as BlockMail, please contact the Radius sales team.
  4. Ensure that you have Blended Threats in place and fully active across your organisations mail boxes. Again, contact Radius for more information on this.
  5. If you already subscribe to our Blockmail service, we are already blocking encrypted attachments.


Click here for a step by step guide on how to vaccinate your PC's and any other devices.




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