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Paul Nolan, Group Development Manager at Dawn Meats, was elected President of Waterford Chamber at the 230th AGM in the Granville Hotel last night (Monday, 22nd May).


Mr Nolan has been involved with Waterford Chamber for a number of years and along with his work at Dawn Meats, he is a familiar voice on WLR FM for his rugby analysis.


Addressing Waterford Chamber members, Mr Nolan said: “Over my 32 years living in Waterford I have seen significant changes, which while not rapid have been steady and progressive with – just to name a few – the development of the RTC/WIT, the motorway link between ourselves and Dublin, the Viking Triangle, the amalgamation of the City and County Councils, the Greenway and of course the ongoing development of the Applemarket and City Square Shopping Centre.


“Indeed, we are now looking forward to developments with the NPF, North Wharf, Árd Rí, the Tower Hotel, the push for university designation for WIT, the expansion of existing businesses and the upcoming opening of new ones… all leading to a renewal of self-confidence for Waterford.


“All of this can only be good for business in the City but for these opportunities to be fully and positively exploited, I believe that we in Chamber must exercise and promote strong leadership both in and from Waterford in its key role as Capital of the South-East. I believe that we must lead regionally for the good of all the Region by sharing with our neighbours a win-win vision for all of us under the NPF as otherwise, why should or will they tog out with us?


“I am absolutely clear that all our actions in Waterford Chamber must come from, and be in line, with our members’ requirements and that we must continue to remain relevant and unique in the offering we strive to provide for all our members – as together the stronger our voice, the louder we can shout for their business interests.”


Outgoing President Laurent Borla said the future is bright for Waterford and there is still plenty to do. “The last 12 months have been positive overall for Waterford, the South East and Waterford Chamber. The path to economic prosperity is a never-ending process and I wish the best of luck to Paul Nolan. My year as President has been very rewarding and I am fortunate to have met great people along the way. I want to thank all the people in Chamber and around Waterford who are actively working to maintain Waterford as a great place to live and work.”


Chamber CEO Gerald Hurley reported that Chamber is performing better than it has in years, which was reiterated by Treasurer Ronan Brazil, who confirmed that membership was growing and Chamber is in a very solid position to develop going forward.


“One of the focal points of Waterford Chamber is to lobby on behalf of our members”, said Mr Hurley. “There’s a lot to do in terms of the region working together. My message is to take off the GAA jerseys and let’s behave like a region. Waterford will struggle to compete on its own, as will Kilkenny and Wexford. We can no longer afford to waste time competing with each other – the time for them and us has passed and the future is about the development of the region as a whole – that’s a regional Airport, a regional University, a regional Hospital with an interventional cardiology service and better connectivity among the regions.


“If we take off the county colours and start meaningfully working together to attract investment and jobs into the region, we will have a real chance. We must stand together and the bigger picture must always be in view.


“We might survive on our own but we will not thrive. So I say, enough of the parish pump politics, enough fighting for the scraps off Dublin’s table. Let’s stand together with one voice and offer a real alternative to Dublin.”



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